federico pecoraro
sound designer

// aleph bet
// 2010 // interactive video installation
// selfprod.
// 16.04 / 08.05.2010 / ex Liceo Gioia / Piacenza

Today the computer keyboard is the most representative icon of alphabet, writing and of their evolution. The shape is the same all over the world, but what changes is the value of the individual keys. English, Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, for each key there are letters for each language, and the keyboard is responsible to interpret and translate them to the machine. A mute keyboard is the synthesis of this concept. The keys are useless if their connotation is removed and you have to type them individually to see the subsequent reaction. When pressed, the user realizes that on the surface don't appear recognizable letters but rectangular shapes of different texture and color that intersect or chasing each other to create a composition similar to a visual melody. For each button you hear a different sound. Thus begins the game of creation. It recreates the cognitive process from an early age has taught us to learn a language by associating the visual brand to its sound. The "machine" that produces these reactions is huge and cumbersome, and exposes its interior through a hole in the side, opposing on today's technology more and more microscopic and lightweight. It looks like a monument to the evolution of writing that resembles a typewriter, which writing through digital projection, writes shapes, write a strong concept and present: writing exists as man's desire to remember and to be remembered. Next install the viewer finds pencils and sheets of paper on which are printed all the signs associated to the white keys of the keyboard. The user can attribute to mark a personal value and display its code next to the installation so that the next visitors can choose one as a reference to write. On this way, he shows the complexity of writing. Write involves a continuous effort of encoding and decoding. The viewer is faced with problems of communication when there isn't a decoding system known, and how difficult it is to write one from scratch. The computer is the machine that stores each individual transaction that is done with it. The fascinating part of this operation involves just the binary system, the "writing" of the machine with which they are translated and recorded on magnetic media information. This binary system consists of a series of numbers (0 and 1) repeated in ordered sequences which translate into machine language objects visible and recognizable by the human brain, as precisely the forms of the alphabet in the installation.
This is aleph bet.