federico pecoraro
sound designer

// trecentosessantagradi
// 2009 / video inst.
// prod. by IED / Arti Visive / Milano
// 29.5 / 28.6 2009 / DirectDigital / Ex Ospedale Sant’Agostino / Modena / IT

The installation reflects on the banality of everyday life trying to escape from the common reality. The 360° environment rebuild Modena through surreal city's photos reworked and reshuffled. The characters are ordinary individuals, locked in a micro-cycle of daily activities modeled in this context funny and insignificant. The choice of 360 ° has not only an immersive end but offers a reflection on the continuous cycle of life and time. In fact, the video begins the day with the sun travels across the landscape and sets to give space to the moon. Then returns. The audio structure is composed of a multi-channel system w/10 speakers, 2 stereo channels for each portion of the panoramic video. Three amplifiers and a firewire audio hardware allowed the management of output channels and sync with the video.The samples are organized in a session of sound built to evolve and change with the movement and the passage of time people in different areas of the video projection. The feeling of immersion is incredible.